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We invite you to join a celebration of voices and talents.

A warm and welcoming space for our community to freely express their ideas through art and crafts. This is your opportunity to share and connect with a diverse group of people that share your passions and interests.

Our Mission

Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair is dedicated to spotlighting and celebrating literature and diverse voices of artists and creatives, serving as a cultural bridge between English and Spanish literature. Our event pays homage to the successes of the Hispanic community in Oregon, and beyond, honoring their cultural heritage and contributions.

We strive to create a platform that fosters cultural exchange, promotes literacy, and nurtures a love for literature and the arts. Through engaging exhibitions, interactive activities, and community involvement, we aim to inspire creativity, celebrate diversity, and foster a sense of unity and belonging.

Join us as we come together to celebrate the power of storytelling, embrace cultural diversity, and build connections that transcend language and borders. At Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair, everyone's voice is celebrated, and everyone's story matters.


Step into the Theater Room!

Join us in the theater room for an unforgettable experience featuring ENLACE Cross-Cultural, where local musicians will showcase their greatest hits live. Immerse yourself in captivating live readings of books, thought-provoking panel discussions, and a screening of a short documentary that promises to inspire. Plus, there's much more in store for you!


Local Business and Author Showcase!

Explore tables set up by local businesses and browse through the works of talented local authors who will be showcasing and selling their books. Don't miss the chance to get a personalized picture and an autographed book to treasure forever!


Join the Chorus of Voices!

Contribute your voice to our welcoming space, where diverse cultures come together to shape the vibrant landscape of our community. Whether you're an artist or interested in volunteering, you're warmly invited to be a part of this inclusive celebration!

Engage in exciting activities!

Check out our schedule so you don’t miss anything that speaks the most to your passions. You may also look through all the many activities that will take place in the theater room.


Juan Antonio Martinez

Juan Antonio Martinez, producer of TV JAM will be our distinguished Master of Ceremonies at the Main Theater of the Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair.



Poetry: Poemario de Carmen Rojas

Carmen Rojas Larrazabal

Poet, cultural manager and anthologist from San Sebastián de los Reyes, Venezuela, she has specializations in English, Chicano and African American Literature. Her poems are part of the anthology Animal Neobarroco, a contemporary sample of this style, compiled by Luis Manuel Pérez Boitel, Cuba.

1:35 PM

Spanish/ English

Workshop: El Arte de la Expresión

Amador Aguilar & Hampton Rodriguez

Transforming our artistic talent and skills into a tool to create our own opportunities, represent our identity, make history, and establish collaborations to positively impact our children, youth, families and the community.

1:50 PM


Poetry: "El Sembrador" por Blanco Belmonte

Mitzeline Gonzalez

Poetry is the manifestation of beauty or aesthetic feelings through words, in verse or prose. Each of the genres into which literary works are divided are: epic, lyrical and dramatic poetry.

2:10 PM


Panel: El proceso creativo como filosofía de vida

Hampton Rodriguez & Miguel Antonio Guevara Moderadora: Paz García

In this panel discussion, we will meet Hampton Rodriguez and Miguel Antonio Guevara, local figures who have stood out and shown that it is possible to dedicate themselves to what they love and that perseverance and discipline have borne fruit, turning their daily lives into a state of constant creativity.

2:15 PM


Lecture: Movetoday365

Russell Rogers

Russell Rogers will be sharing the importance of movement in our everyday lives: how it impacts us, why we need to move, and ways we can move. His objective is to encourage families and communities to get out and move together.

2:35 PM


Panel: Entre Letras y Crónicas - Historias de Resiliencia y Amor

Magdianamy Carrillo Sotomayor & Alexandra Farias

Join us for an inspiring presentation where authors Magdianamy and Alexandra will take us through a journey of emotions and improvement. Magdianamy will present her moving autobiography "Entre Letras y Cicatrices: Memorias de un Eslabón Perdido", a story of struggle and resilience. For her part, Alexandra will tell us about her novel "Crónicas de un Amor", a saga that explores the power of love across generations.

2:55 PM


Panel: Proyecto Cultural Migranta

Concepción Samano

Migranta was born as a meeting of women students and workers writing down their stories. Since then, it has held the Migrantextos creative writing workshop, book presentations, poetry readings, oral storytelling events, and invited Mexican artists who teach theater, singing, and composition.

3:15 PM


Lecture: The Writing Life

Dr. Bill Long

We all approach the world in slightly different ways--through music, athletics, relationships, work, for example. Over the years, one of my most treasured companions has been words. In this talk I will describe what it means to be a writer to me, and how I became one.

3:35 PM


Gratitude and Sponsor Acknowledgment

Lucy Escobar

We take some time to appreciate and thank all the people and organizations that helped make La Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair a reality.

3:55 PM


Award: Community Impact

Lucy Escobar

An award will be granted to a community member who, through their efforts and the support they have offered to countless people, has become an important figure that deserves special recognition.

4:15 PM


Award: Lucy Escobar Scholarship

Ana Ruiz Morillo

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Training to Impact LLC., La Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair will grant a scholarship to support the educational goals of a student beginning their college journey this fall!

4:25 PM


Award: Poetry Contest

Carmen Rojas Larrazábal

El Arco y la Flecha Editores will present a prize for the winner of the poetry contest, which will consist of the publication of a plaquelet or collection of poems within their “Abedules Collection”.

4:35 PM


Closing: La Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair

Lucy Escobar

We close this great event with emotion. See you next year!

4:45 PM

Grand Opening: La Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair

Masters of Ceremony: Ruth Parra & Juan Antonio Martinez Featuring Lucy Escobar, Founder of Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair; Vivian Ang Executive Director of Mid-Valley Literacy Center; Andrea Castañeda, Superintendent of Salem-Keizer Public Schools; Teresa Alonso Leon, Former Oregon State Representative; and Julie Hoy, incoming Mayor of the City of Salem and Salem City Council member. Music by: ENLACE Cross-cultural

We open the first ever Feria del Libro Oregon Book Fair with great excitement! A cultural event that celebrates the art and literature of our community. Ruth Parra and Juan Antonio Martinez, our masters of ceremonies, will present the people responsible for this event, as well as guests of honor, to inaugurate this great event!


Spanish/ English

Aztec Dance - Ameyalmazatl Citlaltonal

Maira Ellefson

We will share the ancestral culture of Anahuak through dance and song, in order to bless the event opening to the four cardinal points.

1:25 PM

Panel: Arte en mosaico para la paz

Amador Aguilar

Projects to establish through community involvement and collaboration. From the history of working in the art of music and poetry with our children to promote peace in Salem, musical performances as well as help writing poems for a book, to adult participation to support the fruit and vegetable harvest project with the help of Harvest Oregon, and the project creating an art mural on Donald Street in the Northgate neighborhood.

2:00 PM


Book Reading: Superheroes del planeta

Ana Ruiz Morillo

Inspired by real-life experiences and grounded in the rich cultural tapestry of the Dominican Republic and Oregon, USA. This captivating story follows Valentina's quest to uncover the source of air pollution affecting her friends' health.

2:20 PM


Book Reading: Pichi

Lucy Beltran

This story is based on the real experience that the protagonists lived, which inspired the development of the story, with the idea of ​​being a tool for parents, teachers or caregivers of children who are going through some type of radical change in their life.

2:40 PM


Book Reading: Amaya cambia de casa

Mitzeline Gonzalez

This story is inspired by the true story that a girl experienced in the process of grieving when she moved house and moved from her place of origin. It is especially dedicated to resilient women and all children and adults who wish to embrace their inner child to heal and shine.

2:55 PM


Book Reading: Cuentos de Tierra

Valentina Ortiz

Stories from the Mexican Indigenous traditions. Mother Earth, Nonantzin, gives birth to many wonders. Her last child brings abundance, humans are grateful. The little spirits of the water, Ateteos, are powerful and full of mischief.

3:15 PM

Spanish/ English

Puppet show: “Un niño único y especial”

Mitzeline Gonzalez & Audrey Penn

A puppet performance for children inspired by the authenticity of each child, highlighting the characteristics that make us special and unique.

3:45 PM


Theater Play: "Siempre te querré"

Mitzeline Gonzalez

Based on the children's story; “I Will Always Love You" by Marilee Joy Mayfield, which contains a tender message of family love and admiration, as well as the perfect celebration of the ties that unite families.

4:05 PM

Spaish/ English

Book Reading: Huehuetlatolli

Nelda Reyes

Enriching, quality Latino Arts programs that promote cultural pride and cross-cultural understanding.

4:25 PM

Spaish/ English

Closing Musical: Los Colores de América

ENLACE Cross-cultural

4:45 PM


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Children's Theater

Bring your little ones to our designated area, where they can immerse themselves in enchanting story readings, puppet shows, and engaging activities designed to foster a love for reading. It's a space crafted to ignite their imagination, nurture their curiosity, and create unforgettable memories that will inspire a lifelong passion for books.

List of exhibitors and guest authors:

To be announced soon...

Alexandra Farias


Juan Cervantes Morales


Juaquin Reyes Barragan


Arturo Sarmiento


Mike Escobar


Cici Mendoza


Mike Escobar


Leocadia Montero


Concepcion Samano


Adriana Murillo


Luna Flores


Mathew Poteet


Lucy Escobar


Nelda Reyes


Yael Moreno


Rick Saffeels


Valentina Rizo


Amador Aguilar


Maria de los Angeles Muller


Laura Chimaras


Event sponsors

Co-host presenting sponsor

The Lucy Escobar Scholarship

Exciting scholarship opportunity for fall 2024 college freshmen!

We are thrilled to announce an exceptional opportunity for all graduated high school seniors starting their college journey this fall! Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Training to Impact LLC (TTI), Feria del Libro is offering a scholarship to support your educational goals.

This scholarship aims to ease some of the financial burdens of higher education. The recipient will also have the honor of expressing their gratitude and aspirations at Feria del Libro.

Important Note: The scholarship recipient will be invited to deliver a brief 1-2 minute speech at the fair, sharing how the scholarship funds will impact their college journey.

Mark your calendars and spread the word! Let's empower the future leaders and scholars of tomorrow. Don’t miss this chance to make your educational dreams come true.

Call for Poetry Contest

Participate now!

On the occasion of the Oregon Book Fair, El Arco & La Flecha Editores invites you to participate in a poetry contest. The prize will consist of the publication of a plaquette or collection of poems of a maximum of 10 pages within their “Abedules Collection”.
All funds from sales will be donated to the Oregon Book Fair.
The cover has been made by the distinguished plastic artist Hampton Rodriguez.

Upload your works.
Don't miss this opportunity to see your poetry published!

Community Award

At the Oregon Book Fair, we deeply value those who make our community an exceptional place. Do you know someone whose positive impact is felt in every corner of the city? Someone who dedicates their time and energy to supporting our local talent and strengthening our community ties?

It is time to recognize them. We invite you to nominate these local heroes for well-deserved recognition during our upcoming Book Fair on July 20. Whether they work behind the scenes or lead community projects, their contributions deserve to be highlighted.

Together, we can express our appreciation and gratitude to those who make our community a wonderful place to live and grow. Let's celebrate our local heroes!

(971) 218 0807



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